Exclusive Products

Our exclusive MRI Accessories are designed to enhance patient comfort and to create a work friendly Environment for healthcare professionals. Our easily customizable MRI Accessories are perfect for any inpatient and outpatient facility. To improve your patient experience during MRI scans without blowing your budget, explore our products.

MRI BoreCam

MRI BoreCam is a revolutionary MRI camera system that allows technologists to monitor the patient inside the magnet quickly. Our patient observation system utilizes high-definition video cameras mounted on any wall in the magnet room. The entire patient observation system is RF shielded and filtered to remove any unwanted image artifacts. The live feed from the MRI video camera system is then sent to a high-resolution LCD monitor inside the operating room, which delivers excellent video every time.


MRI PMT is an MRI Motion Detection System that enables technologists to detect motion artifacts in real-time, improving imaging quality & speed, patient throughput, and facility safety. MRI PMT is a system of high-definition MRI cameras that are RF Shielded and paired with a high-performance computer system. Its software is pre-installed on the computer for your convenience. This program allows your technologists to monitor each MRI patient, with the added feature of motion detection.

MRI Visors

MRI Visors mimics the relaxing, immersive experience of a movie theater, focusing a patient’s attention away from the noise environment and allowing them to relax during the MRI scan. This device is currently patent pending, to ensure top quality standards for patients.

MRI Stereo

At Sound Imaging Inc., we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and relaxing environment within an MR Suite. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide exceptional equipment that is user-friendly for both technologist and patient use. MRI Sound Systems can be custom-made to suit any MRI environment, and our MRI sound systems are ready to install in any MRI facility.

MRI Room Alert

Sound Imaging proudly introduces the patent-pending MRI Room Alert System, providing safety in one of the most dangerous places in the facility. The system is designed to aid in protecting both the people and the room, creating peace of mind.