The Most Affordable, High Quality MRI Stereo

The Most Affordable, High Quality MRI Stereo

The Magnet Watch allows you to continuously monitor your MRI machine with a connection through the magnet monitor, examining the health of an MR magnet cryo system directly through your internet network. The Magnet Watch can prevent helium loss or equipment failure by streamlining preventative maintenance, increasing productivity, reducing helium expenses, and allowing for quicker response time.

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At Sound Imaging, the number one issue we hear about is patient comfort and safety in the MR suite. Studies show the human brain responds positively when people listen to their favorite music. So, we engineered an MRI-safe sound system for radiologists and their patients that we call MRI Stereo.

The MRI Stereo is pneumatic stereo system that is made form non-ferromagnetic materials. It is safe to use inside the MRI room while the technologist monitors the device from the control room. The medical entertainment device can be customized to suit any MRI environment. The MRI Stereo is ready to install and is already being used by hospitals and imaging centers around the world.

The bi-directional feature of our MRI Stereo allows for communication between the technologist and patient during MRI procedures, while also playing music for the patient’s comfort and enjoyment. By creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patient, movement from discomfort and anxiety is reduced. This decreases the likelihood of unwanted movement, imaging artifacts, and the need for costly re-scans. We also offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on all of our MRI Stereos. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the MRI Stereo System and we will refund the purchase price!

Why Choose MRI Stereo?

  • Patients respond positively to their music of choice
  • Encourages relaxation and decreases anxiety
  • Reduces the need for powerful sedatives and anesthesia
  • Reduces the likelihood of imaging artifacts and re-scans
  • Allows for direct communication with the patient via microphone

The Standard Package Includes:

  • MR-compliant patient headset
  • Pneumatic sound transducers
  • Easy to use interface for technologists
  • Desktop push-to-talk microphone

MRI Stereo Upgrades Available

The MRI Stereo comes in a customizable package that caters to each facility. Many accessories are available, including two-wy headphones, earbuds, microphones, and amplifiers. For sanitation purposes, we offer headphone covers and foam earpieces. We also sell other compatible MRI accessories, such as cables and noise guards. In addition, the following upgrades are available as well:

  • In-wall touchscreen
  • Stand alone touchscreen
  • Bi-directional communication

*Does not include shipping/handling, installation, or applicable sales tax

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