Save $300 On Our MRI True Stereo!* Explore Our Line of MRI Stereo Sound Systems

At Sound Imaging Inc., we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and relaxing environment within an MR Suite. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide exceptional equipment that is user friendly for both technologist and patient use. MRI Sound Systems can be custom made to suit any MRI environment, and our MRI sound systems are ready to install in any and all MRI facilities. With goals to provide the world’s best MRI accessories, Sound Imaging Inc. will never stop improving and providing premium products paired with outstanding customer service.

Our pneumatic MRI stereo system not only allows communication between the technologist and patient during the exam, but also plays music for patient comfort and enjoyment. Relaxation plays a vital role in providing successful imaging, and this MRI Stereo System can greatly calm a patient’s nerves. By creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patient, movement from discomfort is significantly reduced, thereby saving your imaging center time and money. We have had nothing but positive feedback from sites that have incorporated our MRI stereo system and we strongly recommend its implementation in yours.

Here’s what clients have to say!

– Nick D.
“We have installed our system, everything works fine…I installed this system on a mobile…I did recommend your unit to a couple other sites, overall great unit for the price”

Why choose MRI Stereo?

  • Patients are comfortable and calm with music of their choice
  • High ROI
  • Direct communication with the patient via microphone
  • Patients able to signal technologist if uncomfortable
  • Patient satisfaction increased

The product includes:

  • ​MRI Quality Stereo Audio System With User Touch Interface
  • MRI Safe Transducer Integrated Amplifier
  • Desktop Microphone
  • Two-way Communication
  • Bose Technologist Side Speakers
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Or IPad
  • Custom Low Profile
  • Large And Small Headphones With Comfort-Soft Foam Cushions
  • High Power Receiver
  • EZ Wireless Install